Protocol and Software Guidelines

The Australian Access Federation supports the following protocols, software systems and versions.

 Protocol     Level of Support
 SAML 2.0 Supported
 SAML 1.1 Limited support   
 SAML 1.0 NOT supported

For more information on the relationship between SAML and Shibboleth, see the FAQ on SAML and Shibboleth relationship.

 Software     Level of Support
Shibboleth System 2.x and minor releases  Shibboleth IdPv2 series will be End-Of-Life on the 31 July 2016.
This does not apply to the Service Provider software, which is fully supported.
Shibboleth System 1.3.x and older  Limited support - being phased out of the AAF. (Shibboleth 1.3 had its end-of-life on June 30, 2010)  
Other SAML-based, federated identity management systems  Limited support, best efforts from AAF support staff.

For more information on the Shibboleth system, specification, patches, and upgrades, visit: or join the shibboleth-announce email list. Note, the AAF will relay all Shibboleth Security Advisories via the AAF Announcements email list.