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Identity Assurance Framework

Is your organisation aware of the AAF Identity Assurance Framework?

Assurance is a positive declaration intended to give or inspires confidence. In the context of an identity federation organisations that operate identity providers will issue two assurances about their users. 
  1. Identity; That a process has been undertaken to verify a user is who they actually claim to be; and 
  2. Token or Credential; That the token or credential the user has used to login with is of sufficient strength to significantly reduce the risk it being forged
For consistency a framework has been developed by the AAF to ensure the meaning of the values asserted by identity providing organisation are understood by service providers that consume them. This framework is know as the the AAF Assurance Framework which itself is based on the NIST Electronic Authentication Guideline, NIST SP - 800-63-2.

                       NIST Electronic Authentication Guideline, NIST SP - 800-63-2