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AAF Federation Registry

The AAF Federation Registry is the engine room of the federation. Its primary purpose is the management and generation of the federation metadata that is used by all Identity providers and Service providers in the federation. 

The Federation Registry defines a hierarchy of Organisation that contains both Identity Providers and Service Providers. The management of these components is delegated out to the owing organisations making the tool almost completely self-service. That is anyone can register an organisation for instance, however the organisation will not appear as a valid federation component until it has been approved through the approval workflows defined within FR.

Federation Registry also providers the following functionality;
  • Maintains contacts and administrator lists for each component;
  • Federation utilisation reporting of Identity providers and Service providers
  • Compliance reporting
  • Federation workflow management
  • Metadata generation
  • Attribute filter generation
  • Federation status monitors management
  • and more
The federation registry can be accessed via the AAF Dashboard or directly in the Test environment here and Production environment here.