For details on Federation Registry 2 please see https://sites.google.com/a/aaf.edu.au/federationregistry2/home

An extensible, open web application that provides a central point of registration, management and reporting for organizations, identity providers, service providers and system administrators participating in a standards compliant SAML 2 identity federation.

Key Features

  • A focus on Organisations as the key building block for the federation
  • Allows for Organisations to be service providers only
  • A personalised dashboard view of the federation for all users
  • A highly refined, multi-browser, HTML5 compliant user interface
  • The user interface is fully themeable to suit the look and feel of your organisation
  • Multilingual capable out of the box
  • Management for all aspects of SAML 2 compliant Identity and Service Providers
  • SAML 2.x compliant metadata generation
  • Additional assistance for Shibboleth IDP and SP administrators including automated Attribute Filter generation
  • Public registration for Organisations, Identity Providers and Service Providers that are new to the federation
  • A fully customisable workflow engine to handle registrations and other critical federation changes
  • Compliance reporting to gain insight to various areas of your federation
  • A hand crafted model of the entire SAML 2 metadata specification for use in automated object relational mapping
  • Federation integrated, automatically provisioned user accounts with fine grained access control
  • Ability to import existing data for users of the SWITCH resource registry tool.

Who can use it?

The Australian Access Federation has released this work under the Apache 2.0 Open Source License. That means it is available for all to use without restriction.

Naturally we hope to build a community around Federation Registry and look forward to your input and contributions.

How do I get started?

  1. Federation Registry isn't shrink wrapped software. You'll need to be comfortable with basic software development techniques in order to customize, package and install it.
  2. Still with us? Then you'll want to undertake the following:
    1. Have a look at the project on Github, you'll also need to read up on GitFlow as this is how we manage change in the source repository.
    2. Join the Federation Registry discussion group
    3. Understand the dependencies for Federation Registry
    4. Setup a local development environment
    5. Customize branding and build a distributable WAR file
    6. Install the system onto your server
    7. Undertake some advanced customization for your installation

Technology Stack

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