AAF Email forums

The following email forums / lists are available to subscribe to and contribute to. To view previous posts click on the link under the Forum Name in the table below. To post to the list use the appropriate email address.

 Forum Name
(Click on the name to  access previous forum posts) 
 Email Address  Brief Description 
 AAF Announcements* 

 announce@aaf.edu.au   AAF Announcements, technical and policy updates and events. 
 AAF Discussion   discussion@aaf.edu.au   Forum for discussion of technical and policy matters within the Australian Access Federation 

 FR Discussion 

 fr-discuss@aaf.edu.au   Discussion on Federation Registry. See the Federation Registry development site for more detailed information.
 IdM Community of Practice  idmcop@aaf.edu.au     Discussion forum for the Identity management community of practice group. See the Identity Management Community of Practice site for more detailed information.

Subscribe only, you can not post to this list.

How to Subscribe and un-Subscribe

The AAF currently uses Google sites to provide its email forums and lists. To subscribe to a forum via email, send an email to [forum-address]+subscribe@aaf.edu.au. For example. to join the AAF Discussion forum, send an email to discussion+subscribe@aaf.edu.au.
Similarly, to un-subscribe from a forum via email, send an email to [forum-address]+unsubscribe@aaf.edu.au.
For more information on subscribing and un-subscribing from Google groups see, Subscribe to a group and Unsubscribe from a group.

Requesting a new Forum

If you would like a new forum created by the AAF, please send a request and details to AAF Support for consideration.